Lending Library

The California Lichen Society is very pleased to offer a lending library of literature relating to the field of lichenology, made possible through the generosity of Stephen Sharnoff. The library consists of 1105 entries, mostly photocopies of articles from journals, proceedings of symposia, presentations, technical reports, theses and dissertations, in whole or in part. These photocopies have been gathered from more than 300 sources. There are also approximately 40 books.

The “card catalog” for the library is available as a searchable Excel file or as a text file. A data dictionary for the library is also available. Borrowing from the library is possible for members in good standing of the California Lichen Society only. The rules are as follows:

  1. Requests for literature based on the library record shall be made electronically to the CALS librarian.
  2. Loans are made for no more than one month.
  3. Literature is to be returned at the end of that time at the expense of the borrower.
The Society would like to express its gratitude to Stephen; the library is a valuable resource for CALS members, and we recognize the time and effort required to assemble such a collection.

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