Peltigera pacifica

Peltigera pacifica. Photograph by Martin Hutten.
Peltigera pacifica. Photograph by Martin Hutten.

Scientific Name: Peltigera pacifica Vitik.
Common name: Fringed Pelt, Pacific Pelt Lichen

CALS Conservation Committee Sponsorship:

Carlberg, T. 2014. Peltigera pacifica Vitik. Sponsorship for the CALS Conservation Committee. Bulletin of the California Lichen Society 21(1): 1-4.

Recieved: 2014-09-01
Notes on Sponsorship:

Current List / Threat / Rank Status:

CALS works closely with the California Natural Diversity Database (CNDDB) and the California Native Plant Society (CNPS) to ensure list and rank compatibility.

Global (rank only): 3


Recorded sites, per state (sites listed here may not all be independent ‘occurrences’ as per NatureServe/CNDDB definitions):

NatureServe ELCODE: NLTEST5170
USDA National Plants Database symbol: PEPA48
Endemism Note: Northwestern North America
Growth Form: foliose
Habit: terricolous
Habitat (CNPS classification): North Coast Coniferous Forest; Lower Montane Coniferous Forest
CALS Habitat Description: Moist forests, especially near creeks and on north aspect banks/slopes.
Taxon Notes:

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